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For many years I suffered from having horribly heavy periods. One weekend I went on a women's retreat. Unfortunately, I had my period. Knowing that I would be out of my comfort zone, I wanted to make sure I did not have any mishaps. Desperate and determined not to embarrass myself, I grabbed a few of my dogs wee wee pads to put on chairs and the bed in addition to super tampons and pads knowing that I wouldn't be sleeping in the room by myself.

On the first night we got there my period came down and although I paid for the trip in advance I should have stayed home. When we woke up the next morning the bed was filled with blood. Embarrassed was an understatement.  I wanted to just crawl through the ground and go home but I couldn't. My girlfriend was wonderful, she helped me get myself together. I got out of the shower, put my tampon and pad in place and made myself presentable.  Looking at me no one would have had any idea that the Red Sea ran through my room. The feeling was short-lived. During the breakout sessions at the retreat, I placed wee wee pads on the chairs just so they wouldn't get messed up. When I got up the chair was filled with blood. Needless to say this was a daunting site and like me, some women go through the same thing, it was still very embarrassing. I knew that I needed to come up with something. I wanted to reinvent myself and take back control of this situation. I knew that I had to save other women from enduring what I was going through.

When I returned from the retreat, call it divine intervention, or the result of several graduate classes finally kicking in, I decided to do something about my situation.  I began my research. I focused on the wee wee pad and called a contact in China to ask about changing the color of the pad from white to black. China informed me that my wish was their command however the cost for wishes was astronomical. After much thought to the idea I decided to not go that route for fear that the dye could cause serious issues for both myself and the women that I am trying to help. After months of research and going to fabric stores, I discovered this fabric called PUL or polyurethane. I purchased a piece of the material to test out. I slept on it during my cycle and the result; VOILÁ, the birth of LA PIXIE.

The embarrassment I felt for years motivated me to dedicate and devote my time to figuring out what would work for myself and so many other women who have been going through the same experience.  LA PIXIE provides something funky, fun and fashionable. Something with pizazz!  Creating LA PIXIE gives women of all ages the ability to feel confident no matter what time of the month or situation.

“To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

LA-PIXIE’s Love spread, Napkin concealer and Feminine spray concealer easily fit inside your gym bag, purse or hand bag. Our Love spread is multi-functional, leak proof to prevent against staining, durable, machine washable and compact, sit on it once out the shower, use it to protect sheets for that time of the month or for that special night with Mr. Right. No more oops, no more wows and embarrassing stains. Which means less time changing the sheets and more time in between them. 


  • Love the lovepad concealer! I take it everywhere I go. It's holds my flushable wipes as well as my panty liners and pads. It's definitely a must have especially when you're always on the go! - Khyla


  • LaPixie is perfect for all my feminine products. I am able to conceal my pads, tampons and even my feminine spray! The designs are so cute too! I love that I can carry a fashionable little bag in my purse with everything I may need for that time of the month. - Taylla


  • Always discreet, functional...I can place 2 tampons in my case! If it falls out of my bag. Nobody knows what’s inside but me! I love it - Carol


  • I absolutely love the Feminine under pad protector from its ability to prevent any accidents that may occur overnight and it's even more useful for keeping your bed wear from being damaged as well it’s a new fashionable way to help make things more clean and swift during that time of the month! - Cayla


  • I just washed my love blanket as I do every week because I use it so much. I sit on my love spread everyday after I shower! - Carol N
  • My teenagers use Lapixie regularly. Oops can happen during this, but thanks to the lovespread all is saved. No more oops, no more new sheet purchases. The Lapixie products have come to the rescue and not only saved me money but has provided a level of confidence during this time and has allowed my teens to sleep comfortably without worry. I recommend this product. It's at a reasonable cost, has been washed several times with no damage, and it is versatile.  In addition,  the matching concealers are an added bonus. My girls have found numerous uses for the concealers, besides using for feminine products, which they adore because of the many designs available, they use the concealors for pens, pencils, lip gloss, hair assesories, and perfume. I could not be more happy with my purchase.  This is a must have product - A Mother's Testimony

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